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YOU are invited to help us fuel the movement toward the highest integrative standard of worldwide animal care!

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Join us as we present multiple exciting modalities using Essential Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy & other Holistic Therapies with animals utilizing ancient healing methods combined with today’s science.

Understand why many myths exist surrounding the use of Essential Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy, Nutrition and how you can effectively communicate with your clients to maintain your position as an animal professional expert.

Receive ideas & options for your most challenging cases & network with other cutting edge Veterinarian Leaders.

Participate in this forum & unite with like minded Veterinary Professionals from around the world, by communication & connection for fueling the sharing of knowledge with science based practices expanding your “Tool Box” of options for a truly integrative Veterinary Practice promoting a higher standard of worldwide Veterinary Care.

Stand out in your community as the progressive practice which is on track with the human health demand towards holistic healing!

This event is in partnership with the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association. Visit The VMAA Website for more information.

Event Highlights

  • Explore the future of science based veterinary practice.
  • Located at the Beautiful Sundance Resort in the mountains of Utah.
  • Meals provided from Sundance's international award winning chefs, who pride themselves on ethically grown, locally sourced organic foods.


May 1-2, 2016


Sundance Resort, Utah




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Natural Solutions & Integrative Practices

"In 2009, my once conventional practice added essential oils to a strong list of natural modalities which catapulted my clinic to a whole new level of service and success in a very conservative community in Wisconsin. In 2013 we were Business of the Year. As I traveled the country to attend seminars and courses which taught about herbs and acupuncture, I learned that adding natural modalities to my knowledge base improved my scope of practice and provided me with more tools to better service every case which came though my doors.

We are living in a world which is becoming increasingly toxic and where standard treatments have side effects and are becoming less effective. Essential oils provide an alternative, and often even a first line approach, to handle these concerns.

Last year my practice had revenue approx $30,000 from essential oils sales alone, which adds value to both our clients and clinic alike."

Jodie Gruestern DVM, CVA, The Animal Doctor Muskego WI

"Aromatherapy and essential oils are becoming a household topic. They are readily available with wide spread benefits, so, educated use is necessary. The Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician need to be versed in the safe and effective use of these powerful substances. Educating yourself on how they work and their safe use should be a priority for any veterinarian that wants to advise their clients in the best possible way. Presenting are veterinarians that have up to 19 years of clinical experience with the proper use of essential oils with animals.. The good, the bad and the smelly will be presented to provide you with an up-to-date education of this vital healing art."

Nancy Brandt DVM, Clinical Director of Natural Care Institute LLC NV

Conference Schedule

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Speaker Panel With Q&A


Presentation Topics

Everything The Veterinarian Needs To Know About Vaccines & An Effective Vaccination Program

Dr. Schultz informs Veterinarians to increase their understanding about the science behind vaccine and titre testing protocols. He will be clear as to which vaccines are considered core and which vaccines should be avoided. His recommendations can help provide options, change & upgrade the purpose behind an animal's recommended wellness program, allowing the Veterinarian to be confident in exactly what is being recommended & why.In today's demand for " less is more" when it comes to health & medicine, you will be equipped with the knowledge to inform & educate your patients, setting you ahead of the status quo.

Case Studies - Integrative Therapies For Serious Illnesses And Injuries

Pam will share in depth the therapeutic equipment, homeopathics, essential oils & nutritional supplementation used in treating various cases, many of which the animals life was in jeopardy; Bone infections, colic surgeries, sarcoids, poor performance, torn tendons, severed digits, lacerations, etc...

Watch Pam Fisher and Sea Lion at Galway Downs CIC 3* in 2011

Pam Fisher CCI3* Cross Country at Galway Downs International 3 Day Event Nov. 2011.

Successful Rehabilitation with EHV-1, West Nile & Other Difficult Diagnosis'

Judy will be detailing her top equine rehabilitation cases of 35 years work, relating to major injuries, sports traumas & " no hope remaining " disease diagnosis when working directly with world renowned Veterinarians Dr Jerry Black, Dr Brad Jackman, Dr Marvin Cain & others. Specific holistic methods & treatment protocols will be presented.

Pharmacological Prescribing of Essential oils - How to Substantiate Essential Oil Claims and Authenticate Purity of the Essential Oils you choose.

French aromatherapy developed alongside the conventional medical field. The scientific model applied to these distilled plant substances then became researched for their pharmacologic affects. Many truly pure essential oils have been studied for their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and through their chemical constituents are prescribed using the conventional pharmacological model. Because Aromatherapy is both used and taught in the French medical system purity and authenticity has become an imperative to the standard of practice. Using these examples from the years of French Medical use of essential oils a plan for authenticating oils and substantiating the research will be reviewed.

A Traditional Chinese Model of Essential Oil Selection

19 years of clinical studies will be presented on how to selection an essential oil for a Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) diagnosis. There are numerous methods for deciding on what oil to use, TCM, Homeopathy, Emotional and Pharmacological. Discussed will be how to identify the TCM diagnosis and what oils fit that particular diagnosis. The impact of essential oils upon animals is significant and care should be taken when deciding which oils would be the safest and most effective.

How to Integrate Natural Medicine into Your Veterinary Practice

Dr. Jodie explains how you can integrate a natural approach into your veterinary facility, including a decreased vaccination protocol with titre testing, options for natural nutrition, an introduction to essential oils and the importance of whole food supplements. Focus will be on how this integration benefits your patients and your practice. You will improve consumer perception and financial stability. This movement is a trend, not a fad!

Everything a Vet/Vet Tech Needs to Know about Raw Diet!

Be the respected professional that your client needs! Pet guardians of today know a lot about pet nutrition! Learn integrative pet care terminology so that you are not embarrassed. Become aware that fear tactics only insult a well-educated pet guardian. Learn what your clients already know about species appropriate diets and why they are so passionate about this topic! Learn how natural nutrition can help with your most difficult cases!

Case Reports using Boswellia sacra and other select oils

Boswellia sacra and other select oils have become an integral component of my completely natural or adjunctive approach to the management of serious immunological failures such as autoimmune diseases, allergies, hormonal imbalances and cancer. Learn how this additional tool can add a new level of satisfaction to your daily efforts to treat patients successfully! Learn that you do not need to fear the utilization of quality oils for dogs or cats. You can safely and effectively diffuse, apply topically, administer full body soaks, dose orally and even inject. This presentation is intended to open a door for sharing experiences.

Interesting Case Reports in Veterinary Practice with Cats, Dogs & Horses

Dr Barb Fox will present many of her most fascinating cases in her more than 9 years of using Essential Oils daily in practice; including, diabetes, severe upper respiratory infections, bone infections, muscular malfunction, spinal inter vertebral disc disease & more.

What’s in your Holistic Toolbox?
Combining Acupuncture, Acupressure & Essential Oils

Dr. Bernadette Hartman will share how she combines ancient healing modalities of acupuncture and acupressure along with essential oils. She will be reviewing client experiences & some of her own personal tips that help create a synergistic effect among the modalities.

The Animal-Human Connection: Decoding Emotions and Behaviors with Essential Oils

Dr. Bernadette Hartman will share the significance of the Animal-Human Connection with healing and how essential oils fit into the overall picture. She will be reviewing the important connection of emotions & behavior in healing our animals, and how she uses essential oils to support her work with thousands of animals and owners worldwide.

Heart-based Tumor Case Review:
Combining 14+ months of Essential Oils & the Bigger Picture

Dr. Bernadette Hartman will share a case review of a Heart-based tumor in a dog that is currently enjoying 14+ months of life beyond diagnosis that she is working with. She will briefly review the bigger picture which includes the case, treatment approach, importance of the Animal-Human Connection and Intuitive Energy Healing throughout the process.

Essential Oil Usage for Extreme Canine Athletes

River Rock Kennel has experienced results using essential oils to treat a whole kennel in liver failure. Taking these same dogs from a debilitated state to top performance at international events, allows a depth of knowledge for the presenters. In a day-to-day basis, essential oils are used to maintain health and intercept potential health crises. Case notes on the treatment of liver failure due to toxicity will be presented. Also, practical tips will be shared for performance dogs of all types, using essential oils and integrative health methods.
JR Anderson and Elizabeth Chapman bring over 50 years combined experience in canine performance sports. River Rock Kennel races sled dogs across North America, with multiple top finishes in distinguished events. Join us for inspiring tails from the trail!

Broad Spectrum Elimination of Canine Gastro- Intestinal Parasitic Infestation Using Essential Oils

Case Study Updates: Broad Spectrum Elimination of Canine Gastro- Intestinal Parasitic Infestation Using Essential Oils in comparison with commercial anthelmentic preparations. Discussion will Include some surprisingly interesting positive side benefits, including but not limited to, dogs prone to seizures and more.

The Presenters / meet the speakers

Pam Fisher, NP, HHP

Pam Fisher, N.P. H.H.P. Is a graduate of Alfred University with a B.A. degree in Ethology and a graduate from the California College of Natural Medicine (CCNM) as a Certified Naturopath, Holistic Health Practitioner & excels in Animal Rehabilitation. Pam integrated Homeopathy & other holistic modalities in the mid-80’s on injured/ill people & animals on her farm in Pennsylvania. Her focus at that time was on race and sport horses. Amazed at the results she experienced she sought to learn more and began to incorporate Essential Oils in her practice for both people & animals.

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Pam currently owns, trains & rides the highest ranking thoroughbred 3 star eventing stallion in North America. Pam currently works with Veterinarians integrating holistic modalities in to their practice. A lifelong horsewoman, Pam Fisher started showing her own horse to various championships as a teenager, and she is now an international advanced three-day eventing rider of many titles and a recognized and successful horse trainer.Fisher and her horse Lancelet, were long listed for the 1996 summer Olympics in three-day eventing. In 2009 Fisher was again long listed for the U.S. Equestrian team on her stallion, Sea Lion.Fisher graduated from Alfred University with a BA in Animal Behavior and was on the College Equestrian Hunter Jumper Team. After college, Fisher trained with the best in the world, including Jack Legoff, Gold Medal U.S.E.T. winning coach, Bruce Davidson, 2-time World Champion Event Rider, Eicke von Veltheim, German Dressage Olympian, Belinda Narin, U.S.A. Dressage Olympian, Carol Thompson and Michael Matz, Olympic Show Jumpers, and U.S.E.T. Eventing Coach, Captain Mark Phillips. Currently Fisher is coached by Dressage Olympian Charlotte Braedahl and Show Jumping Grand Prix rider Kristin Hardin.For several years Fisher assisted trainer, Taylor Jackson in teaching racehorses to jump for steeplechase and timber races. During this time she managed to exercise race horses at the Fairhill Training Center in Maryland in the mornings and jumped in the afternoons. Taylor worked for Frank Whitely (Ruffian’s trainer) and also was Jack LeGoff’s first stable manager at the USET. Taylor taught Fisher a tremendous amount about good horsemanship.

Fisher owned and operated her own horse facility for 25 years, training horses for many equestrian disciplines as well as conducting rehabilitation therapy for injured horses. In 2013 Fisher finished her Naturopathic Medicine training in order to be certified to treat all creatures large and small.Fisher is dedicated to the natural care, training and breeding of international quality sport horses.Fisher has articles written about the Rehab Facility and its successes published in the “Maryland Horse”, June 1991, and “The Horse of Delaware Valley”, Summer issue 1991.Article in the Holistic Horse august 2010 called “Laying on of hands and Heart".

Article in the Horse Connection August 2010.

Jodie Gruenstern DVM,CVA

Jodie Gruenstern DVM,CVA graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 and the Chi Institute for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2008. She has been an integrative practitioner for small animals in Wisconsin for 29 years! Dr. Jodie writes and speaks on a national level. She is a regular contributor to Dogs Naturally magazine.

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Her articles have appeared in Animal Wellness and Integrative Veterinary Care. She was also filmed for educational video clips for PET MD. Dr. Jodie is the founder of iPAW (Integrating People for Animal Wellness), a non-profit which helps to decrease unwarranted euthanasia through education and funding. She is the owner of Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex and Dr. Jodie's Natural Pets, which provides a line of unique natural pet treats, supplements, and educational aids. Her DVD, "How to Integrate Green Medicine into Pet Care" has been viewed by thousands. Dr. Jodie's experiences in China and through out the U.S. have influenced her approach to health care. She is a member of the AVMA, AHVMA, WVMA and MVMA. Her practice was Business of the Year in 2013. She addresses the entire family holistically as she is a veterinarian and a human Health Coach. Learn more or correspond at:,,

Dr. Bernadette Hartman, DVM

Dr. Bernadette Hartman received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2005 from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Bernadette uses essential oils extensively along with her numerous certifications in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Intuitive work, and numerous Energy and Healing Modalities.

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One of Dr. Bernadette’s passions is serving both animals and humans by evolving the Animal-Human Connection through her work as a Holistic Veterinarian, Animal Intuitive and Multidimensional Healer. Combining her holistic view, trainings and natural talents, Dr. Bernadette works on all levels of mind, body, spirit, energy and emotions. She view animals as sacred gifts to humanity, helping each and everyone become their highest and greatest version of Self.

Dr. Bernadette works with small and large animals, as well as their owners, locally and worldwide. She has presented at an international Essential Oil Animal conference. Her passion, insights and the way she views the world is life changing for all the animals and humans worldwide.

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA attended the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical School and graduated with honors in 1990. Before attending medical school she attained a 5 year triple BA degree in biology, chemistry and physics. In 1998 she began her studies in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic modalities like homeopathy and pioneered the field of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy.(R)

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She has studied human behavior models for 11 years now and uses aromatherapy to assist the collective consciousness of pet and guardian. In 1999 she founded the Natural Care Institute, an exclusive holistic veterinary practice focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and other modalities for animals. She has a truly integrative approach to health. She has traveled worldwide promoting a holistic approach to healing.

She is the Mother of 3 lovely children and 1 grandchild, dogs and horses. It has been her lifelong dream to be an educator for medical practitioners. She is uniquely suited to teaching, as she has spent years integrating multiple medical modalities into her practice of healing. She is an asset to bridging the medical worlds with hundreds of case studies. She hopes to create better communication skills by healing the human animal bond.

In 2015 she founded the VMAA – the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association. This organization is dedicated to setting the standard of practice of aromatherapy in animals and educating the veterinarians in this vital art form. This organization promotes educating all who choose to use aromatherapy with animals regardless of the affiliation with any one oil company. It is time that the veterinary industry take charge of regulating this medical art form to protect both the animals and the essential oils.

Dr. Barb Fox, DVM

Dr. Barb Fox is a 1994 graduate of Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. For the past 9 years, Dr. Fox has incorporated therapeutic-grade essential oils, nutritional counseling, and energy work in her veterinary practice, Beyond Tradition Animal Healing Center. A holistic approach to keeping animals at optimal health is her main focus, although Dr. Fox uses a combination of natural and conventional medicine when necessary.

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She is passionate about educating and empowering animal guardians about using a natural approach to caring for their animals. As a result, Dr. Fox has been invited to speak at several major events, including the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association's national symposium, the Iowa and Minnesota Horse Expos, and Essential Oils International Conferences.

Ronald D. Schultz, PhD

Dr. Ron Schultz has served as the chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been a beloved immunology instructor of veterinary students since the school's inception in 1983.

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Dr. Schultz has been instrumental in the development of vaccines and titre testing. This puts him in a unique position to speak out to veterinary professionals about the current state of immunization programs in our profession. Dr. Schultz is world renown and his presentations are in great demand.

Judy Wales Gillum, LVT, MBA, MSE, CBF, MEH, CEM, CET

Judy Wales Gillum was introduced to Essential Oils by Dr. Heather Mack in 1998. Dr. Mack was using the oils to help horses and people. Gillum and her assistant, Kendra King, were intrigued by what they saw and have been using Essential Oils ever since. Gillum's journey started at a very young age, when she would help relieve the pain of family members and animals by giving them massages.

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In her early 30s she started studying under Dr. Marvin Cain, who is known as the Father of Equine Acupuncture. During her many years of training with Dr. Cain, Gillum also was introduced to renowned Equine Osteopath Dr. Dominique Giniaux from France. Both Cain and Giniaux mentored Gillum for many years. Gillum has since graduated from the McKay Method School of Energy Healing. She educated herself on using essential oils using acupuncture points along with an Activator chiropractic adjusting instrument. Gillum established the Equine Health Spa, and has for years traveled to treat performance horses in a number of disciplines, including cutting, roping and barrel racing. The Equine Health Spa is often a last resort for horse owners after all treatments of traditional medicine have failed. To date, every horse treated at the spa was able to return to the previous competitive routine he or she enjoyed before being injured. Gillum herself remains competitively active, and she continues to help all people and animals who seek her knowledge and compassion.

JR Anderson & Elizabeth Chapman

Elizabeth has over 14 years of experience as a veterinary technician & practice manager. Her love of animals and drive to excel are the key components that fuel her pursue of knowledge. She has also competed in dog agility, advanced obedience, therapy, showmanship, and mid-distance sled dog races. Armed with a robust repertoire of canine sports knowledge Elizabeth is commonly sought out for information on behavioral, training, or medical information.

Read JR's Bio

JR is a native Minnesotan who’s dedicated over 25 years to the sport of endurance canines. Through research, training and competitive racing JR has developed a keen knowledge of the canine’s ability to perform at accelerated levels. River Rock Kennel is located in Buyck Minnesota, and home to over 35 Alaskan huskies. JR feels nutrition, mental, and emotional balance is critical to staying on top for both himself & his team.

Candace M. Hoke, ND,

founder of Escent-Oil Balance, is a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Healing. She also has certifications in iridology, aromatherapy, holistic health coaching, live blood cell analysis and holistic theology. She is a fully certified instructor for the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education. She uses this knowledge base to assist animal caregivers in finding tools needed to assist in their search for an animal’s healthier lifestyle.

Read Full Bio

With each personal or client’s health challenge presented, Candace has vowed never to “throw in the towel” or to walk away. She believes there is an answer if a person is willing to accept the responsibility to “think outside the box” of routine medicine. Truly believing “Knowledge is Power”, she works to educate others through lectures and on-line classes. She believes in the words of Emerson - “Do not go where the path may lead - instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.”

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